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Origami House / Toruń

The home-installation inspired by the art of origami is the result of the investor’s fascination with Japanese culture.

A seemingly simple building with a geometric form creates a complicated system of steel structure covered with graphite polyurethane coating. This allowed to obtain the effect of a visually light, paper form taken from the Japanese art of creating spatial forms from paper.

Inside, there was a space for rest, if necessary, a guest room, as well as a place of temporary isolation and reflection. The mute effect of the interior is enhanced by the bleached plywood finish, a material associated with the architecture of fusuma wooden-paper walls.

The building is also to perform decorative functions, being a sculpture in the space of a home garden.

More information on the project’s page.

House in the Bieszczady Mountains

Cropping the view of Otryt was an important premise of this project. A house in the Bieszczady Mountains for our investor Henninger Investment, with whom we implement the housing estate in Live in the City of Krakow, opens to the panorama of overlapping Bieszczady peaks, while not closing this view to others.


City Gate (Brama Miasta) is the Pearl of Łódź

The Brama Miasta office building won first place in the Pearl of Łódź plebiscite in the ‘Contemporary’ category. Thank you for your votes and congratulations to all winners of the plebiscite and the Investor!

New realization: house in Gliwice

Contemporary architectural form with a lot of glass on the south side. Simplicity and moderation.

Have a look at the project page: house in Gliwice.

Origami House

A modest guest house is inspired by the art of folding spatial forms of paper. This is the result of investors’ fascination with Japanese fashion, design and culture.
Bent surfaces, both outside and inside, are a screen for natural light.
Finishing the interior with bleached plywood has become an important element of the design, a material associated with the architecture of fusuma wood and paper walls.
A simple and restrained house will provide space for recreation, if necessary a guest house, sometimes a hermitage.

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