• location: Danubian Dreams in Vratislava / Slovak Republic
  • project date: 2006

EUR Shed is an answer of how we imagine contemporary pavilion corresponding to the universal context. We tried to find out what is the universal context for the modern shed and what we got was the lack of context. But in some way lack of context is still a context. The context of uniformed and global world obsessed by consumption, transport and market. The EUR Shed is referring to those factors. We did use the uniform transportation palette as the repetitive basic element of the pavilion and the common plastic band used in shipping goods. This element is a part of mentioned above global context. Its an icon of the transport era and is easy recognizable in almost every country. Thus the EUR Shed fits different locations and due to its uniform character could be applied to any context. At the same time it represents also the most important for us features in designing space : its cheap, easy to install, flexible and recyclable. It could be easily mounted by two people, and the construction materials could be bought at the destination place and than could be sold after deconstruction without big loss of value. In a sense the transport of the shed is more transporting the user manual and the know-how than transporting real construction materials. This is also an open project that leaves a margin for individual modification concerning the shape, cover, roof protection and the flooring. The presented version is more a design manifesto representing our approach to designing than a real specified functional object.