Art Pavilion

Closed competition for concept design of art pavilion of Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw / Poland

  • location: warsaw / poland
  • architects: Przemo Łukasik, Łukasz Zagała
  • associate architects: Agnieszka Szewera, jarosław przybyłka, Michał Sokołowski
  • project: 2010

The temporary exhibition pavilion is a functional object – framework for changing events associated with the Museum of Modern Art and the National Audiovisual Institute, as well as a symbolic object – a symbol, a sign recognizable in the changing context of different locations. Characteristic arches from the Museum of Modern Art by Christian Kerez’a are deliberately used in creating the form of the pavilion. The intention is for the pavilion to become a kind of announcement of new Museum, and then a satellite of operating facility. The Pavilion is an open space – to ensure full freedom of movement to the audience, vertical divisions weren’t used, the border of interior and exterior of the object isn’t defined. The pavilion takes the symbolic form of the gate, the transition of urban space into the space of art.Large “margin” for artists and curators is left to ensure flexibility in arranging of space pavilion. The measure of success of the planned artistic events is the “content” and the object itself is merely a flexible frame of these events and a formal symbol – a sign in the landscape.