Revitalisation of the former Scheibler factory in Łódź
A house from Silesia
Mieszkaj w Mieście (Live in a City) – Stage III C
Mieszkaj w Mieście (Live in a City) – Stage III A & B
Mieszkaj w Mieście (Live in a City) – Stage II
Housing complex in Katowice
LEH London Empire House
Exhibition: Treasures of Peru
Atrium in ING Bank
Nobu Hotel Warsaw
Hotel The Bridge Wrocław
CU Office
Brama Miasta
Wadowicka 3
Koszyki Hall
‘Koszyki’ Market Hall
Roadside shrine / cross in Bronowice
Akademeia High School in Warsaw
TechPark Kanlux
Infinity Pool in the Caribbean
Mieszkaj w Mieście (Live in a City)
Nowa Fabryczna
Cuprum Square
BKG office complex
Single family house
Creations from Nature
DOT Office
Atrium 1 – Skanska’s offices
Kapelanka – office buildings complex
House in Gliwice
Water Tower in Pszczyna
Silesia Business Park in Katowice
Jazz Club Fantom
Łódź Design Festival
Interiors of ING Bank HQ
Marshall City Hall
Green Horizon – office buildings complex in Łódź
Baltycka Residences
Showroom Maximum
Dominikanski office building
Interiors of Katowice Railway Station
Tenement house Kosciuszki 55
Signage for Green Towers
Office building for Infinite Dreams in Gliwice
St. Hyacinth in Bytom
Czarni Bytom
Concept design of office building in Poznan
Katowice Gallery
Housing building N1 in Gliwice
ING Bank Śląski
Sea Museum in Szczecin / Poland
Radio and Television Department building
house in Gliwice
Art Pavilion
Office buildings complex Olivia in Gdansk
Roedl & Partner office building
office building complex in warsaw
house in mogilany – konary
Rebuilding of tenement house in Katowice
Rowhousing concept design in Tychy
holiday home
millenium – housing complex
City hall building in Bytom
Area of cement works in Jaworzno-Szczakowa
Tauron Nowa Muzyka (New Music) festival
Old granary
Film School containers
house in zbroslawice
house in ornontowice
house in tychy
Single family housing concept design in Tychy
Bus Stop
Multifamily housing concept design
Adaptation of ‘Krystyna’ mine shaft for multifunctional centre
Hotel in Kowary
Office and housing building complex in Katowice
Galeria Poludnie retail complex
Water tower in Gliwice
Powstańców Office Center
Honda Hamol car dealer salon
house in warsaw
single family terrace housing
Housing building N2 in Gliwice
International Conference Center
house in pyskowice
Mountain hotel in Kowary
Cofeina Bar
widok – apartment building
off festival
Blood Donation Center
Office and retail building in Rybnik
Temporary Museum of Modern Art
house in torun
house in mikołów
apartment in panel building
house in tarnowskie góry
house in Józefów near Łódź
multi-unit residential building in Katowice
House in Olsztyn
Soraya salon
FAIRPLAY sports center
Tenement house in Katowice
Lofts in old coal mine baths
Actor’s apartment
click5 interiors
Poland. Icons of architecture.
ente rack
ente modem
ente remote control
e-lipsa identity
Chopin Center in Warsaw
Strike Bowling Club
House in Poznań
Wilson shaft
ccifp gala
Signage for Arkadia shopping centre
Cultural Center in Warsaw
Energetyka Cieszyn
SPORTTOWER sports center
Wasko office building
Ente office building
House in Józefów near Warsaw
Aiut office building
Museum of Contemporary Art in Toruń
Bolko Loft
House in Żernica
single family house extension in izabelin
Shopping arcade 13
PARKauto car showroom
f2 sport store
‘4mm’ table
‘min 2’ table
‘on knee’ table
National Museum of the Przemyśl District
District’s Culture Promotion Center
Ludwig barber shop
Tumska Street
osaka air(is)land
‘3 boards’ chair
European Music Academy in Chodzież
German Embassy
golland headquaters new facade
University of Agriculture
House in Katowice
tag heuer jargo postcard
“Michał” coal mine
Attic in Bytom
Metalowiec store
house in Gliwice
European Council square
digit@lFOTO photography laboratory
3m Pub
Freedom square
Apartment building in Leverkusen / Germany
Halgo – furniture gallery
Piłsudski square
House in Dresden / Germany