Akademeia High School in the final of the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award 2019

The project of the “Mieszkaj w Mieście” housing estate was awarded at the European Property Awards 2018 – 2019

High School Academy was found to be the best public utility building of the fourth edition of the Architectural Prize of the Mayor of Warsaw in 2017

Wave – first on the Polish coast

Construction of the Wave office building has just begun. It is the first Medusa Group project in Gdańsk, and the ninth already made for Skanska Property Poland.

Office buildings .KTW and Nowa Fabryczna honored in the Aluprof 2018 competition

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The jury of the “Object of the Year in Aluprof systems” for the third time selected projects that “set the right direction in designing a modern urban space”.

The .KTW I office building implemented for the TDJ Estate company took the second place while receiving the audience award. On the other hand, the Nowa Fabryczna office building of Skanska was honored.

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The TDJ Estate investment in Katowice is starting

Residential development project for TDJ Estate at Katowice finally with a building permit.

POLITYKA Architecture Awards Gala in Akademeia High School

The finale of the seventh edition of the POLITYKA Architecture Awards took place this time in the Akademeia High School in Warsaw awarded in the same plebiscite.

Distinction in the SARP 2018 Award of the Year for the Akademeia High School in Warsaw

We are very pleased that the project Akademeia High School in Warsaw was noticed by the jury and awarded in the SARP Award of the Year 2018.

Thank you and congratulations to all the winners.

Vernissage of the Medusa Group exhibition at the Architecture Biennale in Venice

Photo by Dmitry Sovyak on Unsplash

Photo by Dmitry Sovyak on Unsplash

Already on May 24 and 25 at Palazzo Mora in Venice, two evening vernissages of the exhibition devoted to the Akademia High School project await guests at the Biennale of Architecture in Venice. The exposition realized under the slogan Time-Space-Existance is located on the 1-st floor of a historic palace, which hosts the European Cultural Center. We invite you to visit the Architecture Biennale in Venice. The exhibition will last until 25 October 2018.

The first .KTW tower is open!

fot. Katarzyna Pudlowska

We are just after the official premiere of the first tower of the .KTW office building. The inauguration took place during the European Economic Congress 2018. Now waiting for the construction of the second stage – 133

Nomination for TechPark Kanlux in The Bryła of the Year plebiscite

The Bryła of the Year 2017: Among the 10 nominees, there was the TechPark Kanlux office building in Radzionków. The winners of the plebiscite will be announced on May 17th during the awards gala and the results will be published simultaneously on the Bryła’s website.

.KTW I with a use permit

fot. Przemysław Borsuk

– The opening date of .KTW I is getting closer. The more we are happy about the fact that the work to date is proceeding according to the schedule. The obtained use permit confirms that the investment is carried out with the utmost attention to the detail. We owe it to the commitment and experience of partners with whom we have the pleasure to cooperate – comments Marian Garczarczyk, project director on behalf of TDJ Estate.

Arrangement of the exhibition – Treasures of Peru. Royal tomb in the Castillo de Huarmey

The exhibition presented so far only in Lima, left Peru for the first time. For her arrangement in the State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, was responsible our studio. This unique exhibition consists of four rooms. The first one was designed as introduction into the mood of the Peruvian plateau. The next room is a story about the architecture of the queen’s palace.

The common motive of both rooms is the mobile, paper installation on the ceiling, which reflects the character of the sky, finding far-fetched references to Rast’s braided cords.

The spatial installation designed in the fourth room was built entirely of repetitive cuboids. It is a cubistically processed image of a tomb. The room is subordinated to the exhibition of the smallest artefacts found by archaeologists including the queen’s jewelry.

View the project’s page.

Meeting with Odile Decq in Polin Museum in Warsaw

The next visit of the French architect Odile Decq in Poland was an opportunity to share memories from the period of cooperation at the school and in the studio.
Odile was a guest of the lecture from the series “From vision to design” organized on March 23 by the Stefan Kuryłowicz Foundation organized in the POLIN Conference Center in Warsaw.

Property Design Awards 2018

During the gala of the Property Design Awards 2018, which traditionally took place in the banquet hall of the International Congress Center in Katowice, awards and distinctions for the most interesting architectural and interior designs of the past year were presented. Our two projects have been awarded.

In the Design – Interiors category, the main prize went to the Akademeia High School in Warsaw. The special prize of the jury was awarded to Hala Koszyki in Warsaw.


Three nominations for the Poland Architecture XXL 2017 plebiscite

The TechPark Kanlux office building in Radzionków, Nowa Fabryczna in Łódź and the Akademeia High School in Warsaw nominated for the Polish Architecture XXL 2017 plebiscite.

Exhibition “Retrospective” at 4 Design Days

We invite you to the exhibition of our office projects, accompanying this year’s third edition of 4 Design Days.
The exhibition has a retrospective character and presents the most important realizations of our office, which present the activities of studio related to architecture and design in the years 2007 – 2017.

The exhibition is open until Sunday in Katowice’s Spodek.


The meet-and-greet zone of ING Bank Śląski

The aim of this project was to find an idea for the arrangement of the entrance zone of the main hall of the ING Bank building in Katowice.

We wanted to create a relaxed atmosphere for meetings with clients as well as informal conversations of bank employees. At the same time, we were looking for the possibility of locating in one place the space for coworking and relax with the accompanying whole, a small café.

Property Design Awards 2018

Two of our projects, Koszyki Market Hall and Akademia Highschool in Wilanów, apply to the finals Property Design Awaris 2018. Projects are aiming for winning in two categories: Architecture and Interior.

School without benches in Wilanów

“The architecture of this building is focused on students, provoking the development of their passion and the ability to cooperate based on the interest of another person. This space supports education in many dimensions”. writes the Architektura-Murator Magazine in January.

We always wanted to design a school, we finally got the chance. The effects of our efforts published in the January edition of Architecture-Murator Magazine, commented by Grzegorz Stiasny and Krzysztof Mycielski, richly illustrated with photographs: Jędrzej and Juliusz Sokołowski.